The 0.25cc Tiny Tiger is in stock & Mini ETA15 of 0.35cc expected soon.

The Tiny Tiger has sold very well and we have just a few left now. This engine is superbly made with twin ball race main shaft and precise fits in all areas. It replaces the equally superb Schlosser 0.25cc engine which is no longer available and if you are lucky to find one new as the TT is, it will cost you circa £200?? The TT is just as easy to start when you have the technique because of the TBR, it is more powerful and slightly smaller in overall size. Why delay until they are all sold? We will accept suitable Part Exchanges.

The Mini Eta of 0.35cc is nearing completion and supplies should be available 6-8 weeks from today 15th May 2017. This good news was received this morning. It is the first Eta 15 miniature to be made and has die cast case with twin ball race supported crank shaft as for the TT. It will have the benefit of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

Order either engine now to avoid disappointment.

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