Coming Soon 0.25cc Tiny Tiger and Mini ETA15 of 0.35cc.

The Tiny Tiger is on its way from our supplier in Ukraine as this is written on 08/12/2016. This will feature a twin ball race supported crank shaft and is beautifully made. We expect a similar performance to the fabulous Schlosser 0.25cc engine. The Tiny Tiger has arrived in the UK and has been tested by Tom Crompton who reports that it starts easily and is quite powerful, a little more powerful than the Schlosser. We expect delivery on Tuesday 14th December.

The Mini Eta of 0.35cc is nearing completion and supplies should be available in early 2017. It is the first Eta 15 miniature to be made and has die cast case with twin ball race supported crank shaft as for the TT. It will have the benefit of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

Order either engine now to avoid disappointment.

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