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Shadow Vee 4 10cc RC Glow

Shadow Vee 4 10cc RC Glow. An exclusive limited edition series of engines by Dean Clark in New Zealand

 After a lifetime in engineering, and being rewarded with redundancy, I turned to an early love “Model Engines”. I instigated a new magazine which I named “Model Engine World” and published seventy issues between 1994 and 2011. It has become a much respected reference work and source of information. We have many issues still available, please enquire. I also wrote the book entitled “The Olivers and a Tiger” which deals with the history of the family and and the engines they made. The Oliver Tiger became one of the most successful and highly respected engines produced in this country, it was acclaimed world wide. We still have a few soft bound copies available. The author may sign one for you if asked nicely.

The Beginning of Bamopro

Whilst still publishing the magazine I commenced trading in collectable and useable model engines in order to support the magazine financially, I called the business BArton MOdel PROducts, or “bamopro” for the web site. Today my son Paul has joined the operation and this is his sole occupation, I am retired now and spend time on my hobbies giving advice to Paul only when required.

We advertise very rarely, because we do not need to. Most of our orders coming from repeat business, which speaks for itself. It also stems from the fact that we place honesty, fair dealing and integrity at the forefront of our business policy.

Bamopro Web Site

The new web site is designed to move with the times and to assist in replenishing dwindling stocks, as much as it is to sell them, a necessary fact of modern business life. It also permits us to show pictures of our selected stock items.

If you have a manufacturing facility producing small batches of collectable or vintage style replica engines we would be pleased to hear from you with a business proposal. Please contact us through the details listed HERE.

We buy, sell and trade in good quality saleable model engines, associated books and accessories. We will purchase ancient to modern, new to secondhand, single items to collections and trade new for old.

John Goodall.


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