Model Engine World Magazine

At present I have some back issues of Model Engine World Magazine. Volumes 1 to 6. That covers issues 1 to 66 from May 1994 to April 2000.

The index to these issues is available in the “Books for Sale” section under Model Engine World Magazine. Until we have found a solution to get them digitized for online purchase, if any issues are of interest to you, please use the enquiry form in the “Books for Sale” under Model Engine World Magazine. At present we are ranging prices between £2 to £3 plus postage.

John Oliver Engines.

Steve Fardon who was Works manager at the Clint Hill Engineering, Hinkley Works of Tom Ridley and was heavily involved in manufacturing and producing drawings for the Oliver range of engines Tom produced, has taken over all manufacturing rights to John Oliver Engines from Tom’s widow Julie. Spares will be offered initially with complete engines following in the not too distant future. See the new Web Site being devised currently at:- Posted November 3rd 2020, by John Goodall.

Are you looking for that special engine?

I have been slowly disposing of some engines from my collection over recent years, mostly foreign so far. However if you are looking for a special, or difficult to find motor please check with me. I do have a few unique engines available, how about a pair of very rare MK 12 twins from 1976 in Japan? One is diesel the other glow and made by Norio Murita and based on Enya cylinder assemblies. A pair recently were sold on ebay for over £700!!  I also have an extremely rare and very early engine a five cylinder Cetonia Co2 radial engine made in Paris in 1912 the earliest engine in my collection. Please ask for John

Tether Model Cars and engines wanted??

We are Tether model car enthusiasts and are interested in buying any unwanted models or engines. We often have cars available and under construction, or under restoration and for sale. Hand beaten alloy bodies are a speciality and we have made ZN and Oliver types as well as free lance one offs. We will be producing more Oliver Twin shaft engines in the near future, along a with a limited production Twin cylinder engine. Please ask if you do not see what you want.